New Volkswagen Touareg | Green Acre

New Volkswagen Touareg | Photographer @uwe_duettmann captured at Green Acre and produced by Cape Town Productions


Captured in the lens of the renowned photographer Uwe Duettmann , the new Volkswagen Touareg comes to life at Green Acre, one of Cape Town’s premier locations. This behind-the-scenes glimpse, produced by Cape Town Productions (, showcases the synergy between a top-tier vehicle and an ideal shooting locale.

Cape Town: A Stills Shoot Paradise

Cape Town has long stood as a favoured destination for stills shoots, ranging from sleek car advertisements to stylish clothing catalogues. The city’s unique charm lies in its natural lighting and favorable weather conditions, which provide a near-perfect setting for photographers. Its diverse landscapes and urban settings offer a variety of backdrops, making it a versatile choice for different thematic requirements.








Talents and Affordability in Cape Town

The city is not only blessed with picturesque locations but also boasts a pool of top talent. From skilled photographers like Uwe Duettmann to experienced production crews, Cape Town is a hub for creative professionals. Additionally, for international markets, the city offers an appealing combination of world-class quality and affordability, making it an attractive destination for shoots of all scales.

Green Acre: An Idyllic Backdrop

Green Acre, located in the serene Bishops Court, provided the perfect setting for the Volkswagen Touareg photoshoot. This location embodies the essence of a family home, complete with an expansive green lawn and a large wooden deck. Its features like the private tennis court and an indoor games room add to its charm, while the spacious driveway proved ideal for the car shoot, accommodating the Touareg with ease and elegance.


The successful shoot of the Volkswagen Touareg at Green Acre is a testament to Cape Town’s enduring appeal and versatility as a prime location for stills photography. It highlights how the right setting can elevate a product, capturing its essence in a way that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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