If you think your home or commercial space has the potential to be a film star, then go ahead and email us some pictures of your space. We are super honest about whether we think your space can work or not, and won’t waste your time with empty promises. If it’s a ‘yes’, then we will get in touch and arrange for professional photos, if it’s a no – sorry. We would need to consider the size of your property and then allocate the photographers shoot fee, this can be discussed with our new locations consultant. Really reasonable for incredible photos – which we need to sell your space!

We always need new amazing spaces in Joburg , Durban and Cape Town – from modern houses, beach houses, commercial spaces, classic homes, barns, farms, and more. You can email us directly with your contact details, area and photos of your space to [email protected].


Pictures taken with your mobile phone are fine. Please include living areas, kitchen, bedrooms, patio, garden. Don’t worry about the views unless you have a drop dead sea view – clients don’t book locations just for the views, they are more interested in the ‘bones’ of your space.

Ps: We believe in exclusive locations, and extraordinary service. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. No lengthy contracts or commitments – if it works for you, you stay, if it doesn’t, you leave – no hard feelings.

We can’t wait to see your pics.

Warm regardsJulia and the Amazing Spaces team

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